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Television! Teacher, mother, secret lover. [29 Sep 2007|03:28pm]
I've decided that this TV season I am going to be writing about the TV shows I'm watching. I may be terrible at writing about actual life, but I've managed to write a bit about TV before. So consider this me committing myself to posting more :)

In the spirit of which : Charlie Jade! I watched many many vids in the wake of Vividcon (and I'm still getting around to posting coherent responses to most of them), basically by trawling through these lists, and for some reason I downloaded gwyn_r's Charlie Jade vid I Remember. I liked it. A lot. So I "obtained" the entire series. And now me and mum have just two episodes to go before we finish the whole thing and we're both incredibly sad there isn't more.

It's an amazing, wonderful, beautiful series and I just can't believe that it never really got more attention. Or rather I can, because anything that I like is pretty much guaranteed to be incredibly unpopular with the vast majority of the population :( I think it might finally be being shown in the UK sometime in the next week or so though. I now have my fingers crossed for a UK DVD release :) It'd be rather easier for me to get a hold of than the Japanese one...

Probably my favourite thing about the series (so far, anyway) has to be 01 Boxer. He hasn't really seemed to have that much character growth exactly (which is normally one of the things I love) but there's just been this fantastic sort of slow reveal of who this character is and what motivates him and what he's working towards. He's also perfectly unpredictable and just loads of fun :D

I also love the cinematography. I really appreciate TV shows that look good, and this one definitely does. They also take a few chances with their editing. It doesn't always work, but I much rather watching a show that tries to be a bit different and fails occasionally, than one that doesn't try at all.

I haven't started watching all the new season premieres just yet because my little sister is home for the uni holidays and that means all Gilmore Girls all the time. Gilmore Girls is possibly the exact opposite of the sort of show that I like (oh no, wait, that would be Big Brother), but I am starting to appreciate that it does have some very funny dialogue. And Emily is utterly hilarious.

Little sister goes back to uni on Monday, so then it's back to parallel universes, superpowers and aliens :)

(What's lj's problem with the word "dialogue"? It's telling me I'm spelling it wrong *squints suspiciously at lj*)
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University, the UK, and my Macbook [10 Jul 2007|05:17pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Wow, I've been gone a while, huh? Since I last posted I have actually finished my university degree! I still can't quite believe it. I am done with my education. Finally. I still haven't decided what I'm going to do with that lovely degree I've got though...

I've put off making any kind of decisions by spending the last several months in England. I was born there so I always wanted to go back. I spent most of the time in London but I also managed to get around to a whole bunch of other places in England and a bit of Wales and Scotland too. Lots of people seemed to think it was rather strange that I wanted to go travelling about all by myself, but I really enjoyed it. Didn't seem strange to me at all, but then I am perhaps a little strange.

I'm back home now, which my parents are rather happy about. I think they were a little worried I might decide to find a job in London and stay there.

Ohh, this is also the first update I've posted since I got my beautiful lovely new Macbook. The first computer I ever had was a Mac but it had a black and white screen a few inches across. I can't even remember when that must have been. 1993-ish? Maybe... Ever since that one it's been PCs. I am very happy to have made the switch though. I definitely think my Ipod has to get a lot of the credit for making me first think that I might like to get a Mac.

Anyway, let's see if I can keep up some sort of regular updating of this journal...

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...but I sent you away, oh Mandy! [16 Oct 2006|06:13pm]
Can someone please, please convince me that Fraser would not have sung "Mandy" to Victoria at some point during their happy times together in Victoria's Secret? 'Cause otherwise I've got one hell of a Lord King Bad Vid on my hands. This is almost as bad as that time I got it into my head that the perfect song to express Jack's feelings about Daniel in Season 6 of Stargate was "Incomplete" by the Backstreet Boys. Scary times.
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Poncho!Ray is the bested thing ever [20 Sep 2006|11:48pm]
And now to update on what's been happening since that little window to the past last post.

On the real life front - my honours year is so very nearly over. Just two months left and I will be free of uni forever. I'm a little behind my schedule for the thesis writing at the moment, but in general I'm feeling pretty good about what I've done so far. I have actual real results to report so that's always nice.

And as far as tv shows are concerned (so much more interesting) - Due south is still ridiculously entertaining.  And Benton Fraser is still ridiculously attractive.  I took a short break just before the end of season 2, because I couldn't stand the thought of losing Ray.  Despite the fact that I knew I would adore the new Ray just as much, if not more.  In the end I bit the bullet and went ahead and watched the end of season 2 and started on season 3.  And I do miss Vecchio, not having him there has made me realize just how great he was.  But that's not to say I don't love RayK.  Because I really, really do.  A lot.  But he's a very different Ray, and it's a different dynamic and it makes the whole thing a slightly different show.  But still totally fantastic.  Speaking of totally fantastic - I just started watching season 4 last night and Poncho!Ray may just be the bestest thing ever.  Check out my icon!  What could possibly be better than that?  And while I'm speaking of speaking ofs...

Speaking of Callum Keith Rennie, the other main show that is currently dominating my every waking thought is Battlestar Galactica.  I got the season 2 DVDs as soon as they came out here in Australia, but then I decided I'd wait and watch them with my mum, since she had really enjoyed the first season when it was on here.  So now we're rewatching season one because it's been so long since it was on neither of us could really remember much of what had happened.  But back to the "speaking of CKR" bit - several weeks ago, before I had started on season 3 of Due South and before all those spoilers about season 3 of BSG, I was hit with a sudden and inexplicable love of Leoben.  He is now my very favourite cylon, quite possibly my very favourite character, as I've never been particularly madly in love with any of the others.  I have no idea why.  Anyway it finally resulted in a Kara/Leoben video, and I am now spending my time trying to make icons out of truly terrible caps of various season 3 trailers.

As for SG1 and Atlantis, I am now finally all caught up.  I am feeling strangely ambivalent about SG1's cancellation.  On the one hand I think one more season would have been fantastic, and on the other I think ten seasons really is plenty.  And it's not like it'll be totally over - as long as Atlantis is still on the air the storylines and the characters can still continue.  In a way it's quite a similar situation to how Buffy ended.  It also had quite a good run, it had in some sense come to an ending and there was still a show in that universe on the air.  And I coped okay with Buffy ending.  Hopefully it won't mean the same thing for Atlantis as it did for Angel, because I am still not over that :(

I cannot believe I missed Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Every single year I realize the day after.
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[20 Sep 2006|11:01pm]
I'm frustrated. I wrote an entry weeks and weeks ago, and then LJ ate it just as I was about to post. I've been so annoyed I haven't wanted to post since. But I just found a draft version of what I was going to post, so I'm posting it now.

* * * * *

Due South has taken over my brain. There has to be some sort of limit to the number of fandoms I can have, doesn't there? I'm sure I can't fit too many more tv shows in there. But I'm happy for now. And Due South has brought me yet another tv boyfriend - Benton Fraser - so that makes me very happy indeed. He's just too lovely for words.

And this brings me to my other latest obsession - Slings & Arrows. I've just finished off the first season of that one. Canadians + Hamlet + Paul Gross = the perfect show. I have always loved Hamlet so so much though that I worry seasons 2 and 3 can't possibly be as good as season 1 was for me. I like Macbeth a lot too but I don't go all crazy fangirly about it like I do Hamlet (and while I'm on the subject, why on EARTH isn't Kenneth Brannagh's version available on DVD anywhere?! I so wanted to rewatch that :( ). And I've never even seen or read King Lear so I have no idea how that will be. Still, who the hell cares as long as there's Geoffrey! :D Speaking of which, in a crazed fit of creative activity I made a whole bunch of Geoffrey Tennant icons the other day. I think I rather like them, for the moment.

One downside of having far too many fandoms is that I really wish I had more icon spaces to properly represent them all. I know I could just buy myself a paid account, but I seems a little foolish considering I almost never post. I don't think I would post anymore if I did pay, I'd just have a large collection of incredibly beautiful icons made by people far more talented than me, which I would update and switch around at every opportunity :)

On the Stargate front, me and my mum are rapidly approaching the end of season 9 and season 2. I'm not sure what we'll do once we catch up. Going from about 2 episodes a night to 2 a week could be fairly difficult. I'm still finding the lack of Jack on sg1 a little odd. It's not so much that I miss Jack - I do, but not so much that it ruins the show for me. I just miss the people that the rest of the team were when they were around him. I'm not sure if that makes sense. In particular Daniel simply doesn't feel like Daniel without Jack there, and the same for Sam. Teal'c, however, is always Teal'c :)

* * * * *

And I was going to finish off the post with some vid recs but I didn't finish writing that bit and now I can't be bothered :) Maybe next post...
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